A walk between forest, vineyard and river

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"Live an atypical wine experience, between forest, vines and river"

Aurélie Carreau, winemaker and owner of Château Mons La Graveyre, will welcome you to experience a country walk in her vineyard surrounded by forest overlooking the Garonne.

She will introduce you to her organically grown vines and her other crops (truffle oaks and fruit trees).
As you follow her steps and learn about the environment in which Aurélie works with her vines on a daily basis. You will become more familiar with the word biodiversity and its definition. You will see a concrete example of agroforestry. You will be more comfortable with the nuances between organic and biodynamic agriculture. Thanks to her professional experience as an oenologist and agricultural engineer, she will have all the answers to your questions.

Then we will go into the cellar. You will discover how Aurélie makes her wine (transformation of grapes into wine) and how she raises it in its different containers (amphorae and barrels) until it is bottled.

We will finish this visit with a tasting of 3 wines: a white, a rosé and a red, with the exclusive vintages of our brand "Maman fait du vin" (white and rosé) and our red wine produced in Mons La Graveyre.

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100% av bokningspriset återbetalas på plats om 12 flaskor köps.

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A walk between forest, vineyard and river - Winalist
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Château Mons La Graveyre, Cambes, France

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