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Rhônedalen Vintillverkare Roussas
Grangeneuve was founded 50 years ago by my parents, Odette and Henri BOUR. What a long adventurous way since the beginning of the enterprise; my parents are now almost at the age of retirement! It took us decades of hard work to arrive at the point of making our wines known, since the creation of our vineyard in lieu of the local oak forest, within an very unknown AOC, until the day when our wines are found on the menus of very reputable establishments, including many Michelin-starred restaurants. We owe our success to our high level of demand for quality.At Grangeneuve nothing or almost nothing is left to chance, except the weather!

We practice sustainable farming; we work our soil on a regular basis, and we use the least aggressive products for our vines. We harvest at optimal ripeness of the grapes in correlation with the objectives for each vintage and wine variety. We conduct meticulous and precise vinification, to showcase our grapes, the fruits of our terroir. The vinifications are carried out by grape variety and by parcel, adapting to the potential of each vine and to the objectives that we set for each wine. We regularly invest in materials for the cellar and for winemaking in order to progress each year in our search for quality. We are driven by the desire to make quality wines without any concession, and with a deep consideration for our customers.

Henri Bour
Our wine
Grape varieties used Grenache Noir Syrah Cinsaut Viognier Vit Grenache Marsanne blanche Vermentino
Wines prices 8,00 € - 21,00 € per bottle
Labels & awards
Vingårdar och upptäckt
Vingårdar och upptäckt Officiell utmärkelsen för fantastiskt vinturism
Vigneron Indépendant
Vigneron Indépendant
Haute Valeur Environnementale
Haute Valeur Environnementale
Guide Hachette
Guide Hachette
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Photos from the vintillverkare
  • Domaine De Grangeneuve
  • Initiation à la dégustation au coeur de la vallée du Rhône
  • I skinnet på en vinmakare
  • Självstyrd pedagogisk promenad: genom druvsorterna
  • Electric bike ride through the vineyard
  • Totored tasting - In Group
  • Kombinationsverkstad för vin och choklad
  • Millésime-effekten - Vertikal provsmakning
  • Blandningsverkstad - Skapande av en cuvée
  • Gourmetprovning


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Frequently asked questions
Is Domaine De Grangeneuve opened today? +
We invite you to check the availabilities of visits by clicking here.
Is Domaine De Grangeneuve opened during weekends? +
Domaine De Grangeneuve is opened during weekends. To check in realtime if there are any availabilities for a visit at Domaine De Grangeneuve, click here.
Which types of experience are proposed by Domaine De Grangeneuve? +
Domaine De Grangeneuve proposes oenologiska workshops, besök och provsmakningar, promenader, vinprovningar:
Do I need to book to visit Domaine De Grangeneuve? +
In order to ensure your spot and to be welcomed in the best conditions, it is preferable to book before going there. You can book for free up to 1 hour(s) before by clicking here.
What are the cancellation conditions for Domaine De Grangeneuve? +
You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 0 year(s) before the start of your experience. After this deadline, we invite you to contact us so that our teams can help.
Does Domaine De Grangeneuve propose experiences for groups? +
The maximum reception capacity of Domaine De Grangeneuve is 60 person(s). To find out more and book, click here. You can also make a specific request if your group is larger by clicking here
What's the price of a visit at Domaine De Grangeneuve? +
The price of Domaine De Grangeneuve experiences varies between 0,00 € and 60,00 €. To find out more and book a oenologisk verkstad, click here
Is it possible to privatize Domaine De Grangeneuve for a visit? +
Domaine De Grangeneuve offers to live some of his experiences privately. It means that you will be the only group when living the experience. Here are the private experiences of Domaine De Grangeneuve:
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Sedan 1896 har Domaine de Grange Neuve varit en familjevingård som ligger i Pomport, 12 km från Bergerac i Périgord Pourpre. På en 70 hektar stor gård har familjen Castaing varit en av väktarna av Périgords vinodlingskunskap sedan 1896 genom sin produktion av viner från Bergerac, Côtes de Bergerac och Monbazillac . Genom att kombinera tradition och modernitet är deras ledord gemytlighet.

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