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Les Vins Dévoilés

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Rhônedalen Researrangör / byrå
Les Vins Dévoilés France Co. is an Event-Agency dedicated to the world of wines.

The team is composed only with sommeliers, then professionals of wine but beyond, professionals on speaking about the secrets, the history of these wines.

Wine is a passion for Gaël Herrouin, and he was quite young when he discovered he had a “nose” for wines. Gaël created his first wine-tasting club at the age of 19! After graduating from business school and first working within a U.S. multinational corporation, he joined one of the biggest French wine merchants, Boisset, as a brand manager. Since 2003, he has run his own business in France, pairing the best wines with the appropriate cuisines and highlighting the “most wanted” estates for wine lovers—those exclusive estates whose vintages can be obtained only through strict allocation programs.

He gained the recognition of his peers in 2009 when he competed for a place among La Compagnie des Courtiers-Jurés-Experts en Vins. His viticultural knowledge and tasting expertise met the approval of French authorities, and he became the youngest elected member of this elite organization dedicated to the promotion of wines in France.
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Lyon, France Frankrike

Photos from the researrangör / byrå

  • Match-dégustation Rhône nord versus Rhône sud
  • Önologisk workshop: "stjärna" viner från Lyon bord

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