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Bordeaux Vintillverkare Dardenac
Historien om Vignobles Invindia tar sina rötter i ett möte, som Jean-Pierre DEROUET och Jean-Claude Bernard, då ägare av Château Haut-Meyreau, 1987. Vid den tiden gjorde 18 Ha godset inte sälja sina viner. Viner bara i bulk. Från detta möte föddes ett flaskdistributionsnätverk som inte fanns tidigare och ett samband mellan två män. Idag har vingården vuxit och har sett ankomsten av andra slott, förvaltade av Jean-Pierre Derouet och Emmanuel Bouvet ...
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Grape varieties used Merlot Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Sauvignon Blanc Sémillon
Wines prices 7,00 € - 28,00 € per bottle
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Haute Valeur Environnementale
Haute Valeur Environnementale
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1 Goumin, Dardenac, France Frankrike

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  • Vignobles Invindia
  • Discovery visit of Château Le Conte


Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
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Frequently asked questions
Is Vignobles Invindia opened today? +
We invite you to check the availabilities of visits by clicking here.
Is Vignobles Invindia opened during weekends? +
Vignobles Invindia is opened during weekends. To check in realtime if there are any availabilities for a visit at Vignobles Invindia, click here.
Which types of experience are proposed by Vignobles Invindia? +
Vignobles Invindia only proposes besök och provsmakningar:
Do I need to book to visit Vignobles Invindia? +
In order to ensure your spot and to be welcomed in the best conditions, it is preferable to book before going there. You can book for free up to 1 day(s) before by clicking here.
What are the cancellation conditions for Vignobles Invindia? +
You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 24 hour(s) before the start of your experience. After this deadline, we invite you to contact us so that our teams can help.
Does Vignobles Invindia propose experiences for groups? +
The maximum reception capacity of Vignobles Invindia is 20 person(s). To find out more and book, click here. You can also make a specific request if your group is larger by clicking here
What's the price of a visit at Vignobles Invindia? +
The price of Vignobles Invindia experiences is 8,00 €. To find out more and book a besök och provsmakning, click here
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