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Physical gift card

Physical gift card

Be sure to please your recipient with the Winalist gift card. Shipped in its superb colored enveloppe, this is probably the perfect gift to offer in-hand.

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They loved their gift !

They loved their gift !


Based on 100 reviews from our customers

  • “We received a Winalist gift card as a marriage gift, so unusual and which allowed us to discover our region differently, through its wine history! Exciting and delicious (the wine), thank you!”

    Baptiste L.

  • “Thank you to my colleagues thanks to whom we were able to discover the treasures of the Beaujolais, a very nice gift idea for us, who are wine passionate and for the children since we visited the biggest wine theme park in Europe.”

    Charlène G.

  • “A gift that really changes! I never thought I would have so much fun creating my own cuvée of wine and, above all, sharing it with my family. It was awesome!”

    Luana W.

  • “A Father's Day gift that changes! After receiving the bottle of wine last year, this year I was able to discover the winemaker behind it. Original and enriching!”

    Hubert M.

How does Winalist's gift card work?

We wanted to make it simplier, but we just couldn't.

Choose your favorite design

Choose your favorite design

Select the amount you wish to offer

Select the amount you wish to offer

Print it or let Winalist send it when you want

Print it or let Winalist send it when you want

Redeemable on +600 experiences throughout Europe

For any occasion, there’s an experience to live on Winalist

In couple
With family
Historia & kultur
Food & wine
Mellan vänner
With friends
Utflykt & Tour
Guided tour

Do you represent a business? 👩🏻 💻

Bonus, customer or company gift... Make the Winalist gift card your Chief Happiness Officer.

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