Caves Poças
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Caves Poças

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Douro Valley Vinodling
Founded in 1918, Poças completed 102 years of existence last year. This is an authentic Portuguese family company, where respect for the tradition of past generations combines with innovation to create the best wines.

The privileged location of the vineyards, careful winemaking, especially aging in wood, produces a range where the Age Indication and Colheita wines, Poças' brand image, stand out. The Ruby, LBV and Vintage wines, produced only with grapes from Poças' vineyards have also built a reputation for quality, attested by the many distinctions they have received.

At the Visitors Center, open all year round, everyone can enjoy a unique and authentic experience, taking a journey through the world of Douro DOC wines and Port wines, with guided tours, wine tastings and unique experiences.
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Rua Visconde das Devesas 168, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Photos from the vinodling

  • Besök och provsmakning av Poças Selection av önologen - Smaka på 2 AOC Douro-viner + 2 portviner
  • Besök och smaka på Poças Golden Years - Provsmakning av 4 premiumviner
  • Besök och provsmakning av Poças Vieux Portos - Provsmakning av 4 decennier av Tawnys
  • Poças First Experience turné och provsmakning - Provsmakning av 3 hamnarviner

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